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Nice to meet you.

Extremely Decent made its name posting viral sketches and music videos to Youtube. As of 2018 their channel has over 144,000 subscribers and 20 million views - The group is currently in development with FX and Dan Harmon on the half-hour animated pilot "Happy City". Popular internet uploads include The First Honest Cable Company, A Facebook Update in Real Life, and Gollum vs. Smeagol Rap Battle.


Nick Smith

This is the only known photo of Nick Smith without a hat-- many believe it to be a fake wherein his hat has just been photoshopped out. Nick writes, directs, edits, and acts for ED.

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Jon Eidson

Jon Eidson: man, myth, murderer.... well I mean, not a murderer exactly-- he would never actually admit to that. Jon writes, produces, directs, and acts for the group. If anyone has information relating to Jon as a murderer please contact the ED before calling the authorities. We can explain...

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Ian McQuown

Ian is a producer, director, and actor for the group and has a background in musical theater, clowning, and improv. He is, in fact, not a human-- but instead a very humanoid alien who landed on earth 27 years ago and is gathering data on weaknesses in the human race.

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Brendan Rice

Brendan is Extremely Decent's design manager-- as you can see by this cool photo, Brendan is very cool and has cool taste. Another fun fact- that dog and that coffee do not belong to Brendan.


Mikey Caro

Mikey is ED's resident video effects wizard. He also studies several other types of wizardy including: foodomancy, tropical-shirtentry, and the dark arts.